Breaking News: IMT Enugu declare students week amid impromptu exam date ~ Matter Arising

The management Institute of Management and Technology IMT Enugu has declared students week amid pressure of impromptu exam time table past late hour Monday 8th of March 2021

The sudden Exam time table pasted by school management without observe student culture has generates a lot of reaction from different student activists inside campus.

Today 9th of March 2021 Matter Arising sited a document dated 8th of March 2021, according to statement on the document sighted by Matter Arising:

‘The Rector has graciously approved Wednesday 10th of March 2021through 12th of March 2021 as students week. We advice students to ensure the update of there school fees for those that have not completed their school fees payment’

‘The Director of schools and their HODs should not allow any lectures or quizzes during this period’

Read Full on the memo below

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