Trending Photo Of Tanzania New President, Suluhu Hassan & Daughter Has Got People Talking

A photograph of the daughter of the brand new President of Tanzania has brought about large stir after it surfaced on-line.

Recall that unhappy information dawned on the residents of Tanzania after their President John Magufuli died from coronary heart complication within the late hours of Wednesday, March 17.

The Vice President Samia Suluhu Hassan needed to take over the management of the nation proper after his demise.

She was sworn in as the primary Feminine President.

In keeping with the Tanzanian Structure;

“The place the workplace of President turns into vacant by cause of dying, then the Vice-President shall be sworn in and turn into the President for the unexpired interval of the time period of 5 years.”


In the meantime,

a surprising photograph which showcased the large bottom of the daughter of Samia Suluhu Hassan has evoked a variety of reactions.

See Photograph beneath….

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