Unbelievable: Woman Shockingly Breastfeeds Snake

Woman Shockingly Breastfeeds Snake

Residents of Zimbabwe’s Nenohwe village were reportedly in shock after a woman was caught at her friend’s home nursing a giant snake.

The Manica Post reported that Gogo Nenohwe was seen by a 12-year-old girl as she suckled the snake as she spoke the names of the villagers she wanted her pet to treat with.

Following the indictment, the two elderly friends Gogo Savie Nenohwe and Gogo Ethel Sithole have been tried before a main court in Mutambara on charges of witchcraft. The key witness narrated the incident in court on Saturday, March 13.

She said;

“After nursing, she took out a plate of food and fed the snake. I didn’t see what food she was feeding him, but I heard her mutter names of other villagers and tell the snake to take care of them.”

The village chief, Molline Nenohwe, who was subsequently notified of the incident, brought the matter up to Chief Mutambara. The two women were then summoned to the court of the traditional leader.

When Gogo Sithole was asked if she took any action after the minor brought the matter to her attention, she said that she could not travel to the chief’s court to make a report. She said;

I also didn’t confront Nenohwe because I knew that once he confronted her, she would have to bring the matter to the chief’s court, but she couldn’t do it at the time. “

Maria, Gogo Sithole’s niece, also revealed that she used to share a room with the snake. Maria said;

The snake stays in that room. I stopped using the room for that and begged my aunt to move me to another room. Sometimes the snake comes out to sunbathe. “

Other villagers in Nenohwe Village also said that they have come across a giant snake that has a red cloth tied around it. Now there are efforts to capture the snake and bring it to the court of the traditional ruler.

Gogo Nenohwe remained silent during the hearing and refused to entertain the media after the court session.


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